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Where the Fabric Flows?!

Where have I moved?? Seriously, there are ZERO ‘quilt shops’ in Pensacola, Florida.  Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand, there are fabric stores, but there are no “quilt shops”. Oh well, on to other things.


F    A   B   R   I   C  !


I just can not get enough fabric! The sight, the scent, and the feel of fabric makes me smile. I can imagine my days shopping for the newest fat quarters with metallic accents, glitter, and oh so soft. Those are the fabrics I am looking to purchase this summer.

We have been in our new place for a few days so my fabric and notions are still scattered amongst the first and second floors of the townhouse and my sewing machine is still in the box. Since taking a full-time job and just finishing this 8-week set of classes, I have had no time to sew. That makes me so sad! Honestly, it does! It also makes me realize that my “DREAM” of owning a sewing studio will most likely never happen.

I mean, really, how do I work 40-hours a week for my employer, add an additional 3 hours of travel time to and from work, plus 1 hour of exercise daily, on top of making dinner each night. I just do not see how I can make the ‘DREAM’ into a reality. Oh, did I mention that I need a serger and an embroidery machine, and business license BEFORE being coming a real “business”? Those are all real life expenses that have to come out of my family budget and that’s just not going to happen.

Maybe dreams are not always meant to become a persons’  reality? OH, if I could live where the fabric flows!! If I could work where the fabric flows! Now that would be a dream come true!




Heirloom Sewing Fanatic!

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