Sewing Needle & UpCycling for Cash

Today is Earth Day 2017 and I was inspired to post a blog post today after reading Angelika’s blog Fish Adventures 17  post “How to keep the world around you clean.”  During our brainstorming session this week (I mentor her) she spoke about wanting to make a difference in the world around her. I wasn’t going to post my own blog post because I’ve been so busy with college studies (Health Information Management,  Bachelors degree) while writing my 20-page business plan for my creative artistic business.

Here are some quick tips to make Earth Day every day in your life so you can make an impact in your community and the world!

  1. Upcycle your clothes and other fabrics by donating them to non-profits in your area. Think of the Girl Scouts and 4-H groups who could use those items for their projects.
  2. If you’re crafty, think of ways you can use leftover scraps in a creative way to make OOAK (one of a kind) items.
  3. If you have goods/services that others could use, then think about bartering with one another.

What are you ideas for upcycling and recycling that make a difference to the world?




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