Local Christmas Parade and Your Secret to Marketing

Merry Christmas and Happy Marketing Year!

Today was our local Christmas parade and it was jammed packed with individuals of all ages! It was truly a sight to see, as you can imagine, my marketing brain took over! Yes, right there on S. Main Street in Mount Vernon, Ohio! I think I missed most of the parade due to my …you guessed it, marketing overload!

Let me explain…just in case you don’t know me or my professional experience. I’m that quiet girl that tried to hide in class, then one day I grew into a woman with a family and I had to make myself speak up! After all, no one was going to speak up for me! And that’s how this marketing brain began to work its magic.

Back to the parade, I was standing there watching the crowd continue to build and filter into the town square, hundreds of people all around me ready to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Christmas holiday. Every person there was ready to be MARKETED!

Yes, I said it…the crowd welcomed MARKETERS! BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS!

Oh, what a GOLDEN opportunity for the struggling online business owners this time of year. Did you know, as a business owner, you could purchase a spot in your local parade? What is holding you back from such an awesome, and (usually) affordable means to get in front of hundreds of potential customers for the new year?

I do understand that this type of marketing is a “one-way” street, meaning, you are at their mercy to remember you since you don’t have time to get their contact information. THOUGH, this is where your marketing materials come into play where you could offer a chance to win a great prize if they simply … use your app? Scan your QCode? Visit your website? Find you on Facebook? Hashtag a photo on Instagram (obviously using your Branded #hashtag ). <–I have a book on Branding! 

This is the time of year to use what is available to you in the most unique, and creative way. Get out there and find your local events and get involved! After all, 2018 is just around the corner!


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