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Facing the ‘lasts’ in life as a mom

Good vs. Bad ‘Lasts’ in Life

Bad ‘Lasts’:

The ‘lasts’ in life have not been an easy thing for me, for the most part, they came without warning. This year marks the ‘last’ of my children graduating from high school. Ugh! When I think about my youngest entering her senior year of high school, I get choked up and teary eyed. This is fine when I’m alone or in my own house, but when I’m at work at my desk…this is not okay! What did you do when your youngest child entered their Senior year of high school? To date, the worse ‘last’ in my life was accepting the last time I would hold my daughter Hannah and I hope that nothing ever happens like that again in my lifetime.

Enough of that! Let’s talk about the good ‘lasts’!

Good ‘lasts’

I’m looking forward to having a space that will let me leave my sewing materials out and won’t have to pack it away every time I have to take a break, so basically, I can say at ‘last’ I have my own sewing space! My B.H.A.G is becoming the owner and operator of a sewing and art studio. Now that will be a great ‘last’ to welcome!

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