How To Market Your Sewing Business

You’ve decided to make your passion for sewing into a lucrative business, so you start searching online for ways to make a business out of your sewing experience. The first thing that most sewists do is look for ideas on how to connect with possible students. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so I’ll share with you how I did it!

But first, let’s recap who I am! I’m a happily married woman with 4 daughters and was 7 years old when the ‘sewist’ seed was planted to me by my mother and paternal grandmother. I can remember being a little pest..seriously, I was so interested in what they were sewing that I would climb under the dining room table just to be able to see and hear what all the excitement was! Well, that curiosity was “Stephanie, here’s how you thread your needle and this is how you sew little circles, they are called yo-yos. Why don’t you go sit in grandma’s chair and try to make some yo-yos.”  People, that was over 32 years ago and I’ve learned how to make more than just yo-yos!

Fast Forward!

I needed to let others in my community know that I was a sewist, but how was I going to do this when I didn’t really talk about my “hobby” (at this time I still did not see myself as a legitimate business owner!) I made this a matter of prayer and just like the Lord always does, He made a way. During a brief time of selling my handmade OOAK primitive dolls through my e-commerce store, I decided that I had to take my creations OFFLINE and get them in front of eyes! This led me to the following craft business action steps:

  1. Open House: I asked a sister of mine (I have 5) if she would host an Open House for me and invite her friends. This allowed me to place my handmade items in front of a dozen women. From there, a friend of hers opened her house and hosted an Open House for me.
  2.  Shop: My daughters and I walked downtown almost daily, this permitted me to see what shops were opening and what items they were carrying. I was ecstatic when a tiny primitive/vintage shop opened,”Two Peas in a Pod”. After the third stop into the store, I met with one of the owners and showed her a handmade item of mine and asked if she would allow me to sell this particular item in her store. She immediately said, “YES!”. To my surprise, I sold out within the first two weeks!
  3. Volunteer: I did not have any intentions of volunteering, however, I’ve learned that when the Lord answers my prayers, He does so in His way and His time. I can say that this volunteer opportunity was from God! Here’s what happened… my youngest daughter wanted acting and singing lessons, so I enrolled at “Adonia Fine Arts Studio” in downtown New Philadelphia, Ohio. The owner found out I could sew and that led her to ask me if I would sew dance pants for all of the students! People…I got experience!!
  4. Teach: I had the opportunity to teach a group of Girl Scouts how to sew. This was fun and gave me the chance to teach all ages the pleasure of hand-stitching and creating something of their very own.

Marketing your sewist business is not difficult, it just takes creativity! It takes ACTION! You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and be willing to meet new people. Don’t let fear or lack of action steal your dreams!


Stephanie Grams, Sewist and Creator with a vision of teaching others in self-sufficiency. Previous self-sufficiency educator and nonprofit executive. Contact Stephanie for inquiries:


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