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How to Make Fabric Labels for the DIY Crafter in 2017

How to make your own fabric clothing and craft labels?


Welcome back to My Sewing!

I hope today finds you well and full of creative juices! Lately, I’ve been creating my own patterns and found that I needed to take a 5-minute break and if you know me, you’ll know that my breaks are centered around increasing my knowledge of hand-stitching and professional crafting.  However, this recent ‘time out’ pattern-making break was specifically centered around the question, “how do I make my own fabric labels for my finished crafts” and there, my friends, my search led me to create a specific Youtube channel of ‘how-to’ videos from other crafty souls!

Can you really make your own high-quality fabric labels for your DIY projects? The answer is YES!

Below is a list of Youtube Crafters that show us how they have made their own professional fabric labels. I am going to use for my fabric label creating and will update you with a video once the process is complete. Until then, I hope you enjoy these fellow professional crafters and DIY creatives.


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Click here to be taken to the designated Youtube Fabric Label Channel

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