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Finding Peace in the Pieces of Scraps

Finding Peace in Life’s Scraps

If you are a crafter whether it be fabric or paper crafting you might notice that you keep scraps. I know that the scraps of fabric from my mom and grandma’s sewing projects quickly became my personalized masterpieces, all created with their scraps. They could have easily thrown them out with the day’s trash but instead, they took the initiative to teach me how to sew by gifting me those colorful scraps.

My Sewing Needle

Where non-crafters only see scraps, others see a new creation ready to be born.  As the scraps of fabric began to pile up in my little second-hand sewing box, I began to see all types of possibilities being created. At the ripe old age of 7, I had no idea how those scraps would be used to bring peace to my life as an adult.

What is one way you bring peace into your hectic life?

Hectic is one way to describe my life for the past year, perhaps adventurous is more appropriate? Either way, you look at it, my life of traveling is less than glamorous. I often long for the days of quiet normalness, where everything had its place and every daughter had her own bedroom, but then again, I don’t miss it! One way that I bring those calming, restful times into my life is by creating one of a kind fabric dolls, quilts and whatever else I desire. I give myself permission to get lost in my creations and create as I go. No rules! Just pure blissful creating straight from the heart and directly through the hands!

During those times of hand-stitching, I am brought back to simpler times, times of less stress and less change. At times I bring out the coloring books my youngest daughter, Savannah, gifted me and together we create a moment of peace.

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Closing Question: What is your peaceful, creative out? What keeps you grounded during life’s storms? Please leave a comment below.




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