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Craftsy Merges with Michaels 2017

Have you heard the news about Michaels Craft Store and Craftsy?

I spent some time today surfing the online sewing world for news related to my favorite hobby, or should I say, business? I was surprised to read the news about Craftsy merging with Michaels Craft Store (click here to read the entire press release).

Just to be sure we are on the same page, Craftsy is an online ‘how -to’ directory that teaches exactly that…how to! How to start sewing, how to decorate a cake, how to get the picture.  I’m going to guess that you already know what Michaels is, right?

The merge of Craftsy and Michaels sort of struck in in a weird way at first only because I’m a little leery on big company merges (sorry, it’s a techy-geek business thing I personally have about business merges). This merger makes brings up a few questions:

  1. Will Michaels offer Craftsy students special discounts on products needed for classes?
  2. Will Craftsy increase their class teaching opportunities or will this reduce this opportunity?
  3. Will Michaels stores host Craftsy classes in their physical stores?

At any rate, I look forward to seeing how this merger plays out and until then if you are looking to learn how to start sewing, here is a direct link to Craftsy’ main website.


“Craftsy’s mission has always been to fuel creativity and joy by providing enthusiasts a curated, interactive learning platform, as well as providing the products they need to bring their inspiration to life,” said John Levisay, CEO and Founder, Craftsy. “Our partnership with Michaels takes this mission one step further by expanding Craftsy’s product offerings with Michaels’ unmatched DIY merchandise, giving our students an even broader canvas to express themselves and bring their creative visions to life.” ~Craftsy

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