Vintage Easter Wreath 2017

My Vintage Easter Wreath DIY

During our recent travels, three of my daughters and I ventured off to a local downtown area of Troy, Ohio. If you find your way to Miami County Ohio be sure to stop and shop the beautiful, historic Troy area.

After a quick stop at the Winans Chocolatees¬†& Coffees (they make coffee low carb!) from there, we ventured through their “secret” inside side door that led into “Around About Books” (which has the best old/vintage books!).

My main goal for this trip was to find vintage books that were in poor condition so I could make my vintage-inspired Easter Wreath. Below are the pictures of both my extremely large wreath and my mid-sized front door wreath.

The instructions are fairly simple:

  1. Gently tear out pages and roll them into cone shapes
  2. Tape in a few places so paper rolls stay put.
  3. Hot glue paper cones onto your foam board or choice of wreath form.
  4. Add decorations to the center of the wreath.
vintage book pages rolled into cones
vintage book pages rolled into cones