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How much time have you spent trying to run your business by yourself, only to feel at the end of the day that you haven’t accomplished anything?

I’ve had the following results: More exposure (Social Media Management, AWeber mailings and WordPress Website Management).   I would highly recommend Stephanie Grams because it can help your business grow.“~ Karen Russell,

Hi! I’m Stephanie Grams, a 10-year veteran of the virtual assistant profession. I specialize in online marketing, publicity, transcription, and research. I have been called upon by a variety of business owners, from published authors who needed an excel database created for publicity to television personalities who needed their audio and video lessons transcribed.

What would your business look like if you had the time to communicate with your target market on a consistent basis with Branded marketing materials such as infographics, mailings, and blogging graphics? How would your clients react to receiving physical mail? What impression would you give to a prospective client when they receive a card in the mail?

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How would you feel waking up each day knowing that your blog content is fresh, your social media posts are updated regularly and your mailing list up to date?

Knowing the proper systems and tools to run your business in a professional manner is half the battle, the other half is having an experienced, reliable assistant on your side!

Consistently using Branded materials and communicating in both active and proactive marketing  is the key to a better, healthier and sustainable business model.

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