2016 New Kia Soul ~ part 2

PART 1- The beginning of headaches


This morning I received a phone call (went to voice mail) from Bob of KOP stating that they received my consumer report from Kia Corporation referring to the complaint that I filed on Thursday on how the REMANUFACTURED engine is running in my NEW KIA SOUL and that they would be glad to look at it if I bring it back to the dealership.

So I called Kia Corporation Consumer Complaint line with my case number and spoke with A gentlemen about this call from KOP and he stated that is ‘policy’ and that the dealership that placed the REMANUFACTURED engine in my NEW KIA SOUL has to follow-up with a phone call and ask the consumer to bring the vehicle back into the shop that made the repairs.

UHM..Kia Corporation…you are skidding over the real issue here! The issue is that YOU PUT A REMANUFACTURED ENGINE IN MY NEW KIA SOUL!!! Do you realize that your corporation has a legal binding contract to provide me with a NEW KIA SOUL? I still have under 3500 miles on my Soul…PLUS your corporation stated that “The engine that came in my 2016 NEW KIA SOUL was DEFECTIVE!” That, my friends, is YOUR CORPORATIONS fault.

Why would I continue to pay for a new car with used parts in it?

Why would I be responsible for your defective engine parts when you are aware of this issue (read your Facebook reviews).

Why would I have signed a contract for a new car with high APR% RATE for a NEW KIA SOUL only to have it malfunction within the first 3500 miles?

Why would you, KIA CORPORATION, think that is it ethical to put a REMANUFACTURED engine in a NEW KIA SOUL?

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One thought on “2016 New Kia Soul ~ part 2

  1. Yep…fight it to the end and while you are fighting it, DON’T pay your pymt. and if they want to repo it, let’em have it. It’s not doing you any good…it doesn’t drive right, spudders, shakes, dies, etc. Who wants to drive a rattle trap like that and yet still pay for a brand new vehicle????

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