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Rainy Day Crafts for Crafters

It’s one major rainy, dark day here in Troy, Ohio and I’m ‘stuck’ as to what I can sew because everything is packed in our SUV for the ‘big move’.  I thought perhaps I would use this moment to sift through the internet to get inspiration for rainy day crafts for crafters from various websites. DISCLAIMER: *I do use affiliate links and…

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Sewing Needle & UpCycling for Cash

Today is Earth Day 2017 and I was inspired to post a blog post today after reading Angelika’s blog Fish Adventures 17  post “How to keep the world around you clean.”  During our brainstorming session this week (I mentor her) she spoke about wanting to make a difference in the world around her. I wasn’t going to post my own blog…

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scraps of fabric to change a life

Finding Peace in the Pieces of Scraps

Finding Peace in Life’s Scraps If you are a crafter whether it be fabric or paper crafting you might notice that you keep scraps. I know that the scraps of fabric from my mom and grandma’s sewing projects quickly became my personalized masterpieces, all created with their scraps. They could have easily thrown them out with the day’s trash but…

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beach themed quilts and supplies

Best Beach Themed Quilts Online

I don’t know about you but I’m so OVER this Ohio winter! In fact, the past 5 months I’ve been planning my future around moving back to Florida (no, I’m not joking). I don’t know when it will happen, I just know that I’m planning on it happening! After taking a break from my online Health Information Management classes I decided to…

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Craftsy Merges with Michaels 2017

Have you heard the news about Michaels Craft Store and Craftsy? I spent some time today surfing the online sewing world for news related to my favorite hobby, or should I say, business? I was surprised to read the news about Craftsy merging with Michaels Craft Store (click here to read the entire press release). Just to be sure we…

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Youtube Tutorials ~ MySewingNeedle

How to Make Fabric Labels for the DIY Crafter in 2017

How to make your own fabric clothing and craft labels?   Welcome back to My Sewing! I hope today finds you well and full of creative juices! Lately, I’ve been creating my own patterns and found that I needed to take a 5-minute break and if you know me, you’ll know that my breaks are centered around increasing my…

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My Sewing Needle online classes

Online Sewing Needle Craft Books and Patterns

Sew Useful: Simple Storage Solutions to Sew for the Home Book by Debbie Shore Price: $19.24 Sew Better, Sew Faster: Smart Construction Price: $49.99 Annie’s Cut It, Sew It, Stow It Book by Ebony Love Price: $7.79 Bird Brain Designs Sew Sweet RedWork Needlework Embroidery Set Pattern Price: $2.59 Cluck Cluck Sew Nautical Pattern Price: $7.09 Krause Publications Sew To…

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"Crazy Quilts on the Road"

Crazy Quilts on the Road

Rekindling the Flame ….of Sewing with Crazy Quilts!   I couldn’t think of a better headline than “Crazy Quilts on the Road” simple because I’m still on the road and researching crazy quilt designers in America! Below is a list of websites I recently found as I was seeking inspiration for my crazy quilt adventure. Check these crazy quilt bloggers…

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Vintage Easter Wreath 2017

My Vintage Easter Wreath DIY During our recent travels, three of my daughters and I ventured off to a local downtown area of Troy, Ohio. If you find your way to Miami County Ohio be sure to stop and shop the beautiful, historic Troy area. After a quick stop at the Winans Chocolatees & Coffees (they make coffee low carb!) from…

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